Dinner Menu


Crab stuffed tempura shiitake $11.00
Tempura vegetables $7.00
Teriyaki chicken sesame rice balls $8.00
Jalapeño pork belly poppers $10.00
Shumai $5.00
Gyoza $6.00


Tofu heirloom mustard green salad Plate $10.00
Side $6.00
Pacific rim beef salad Plate $10.00
Side $6.00
Quinoa heirloom spinach salad Plate $12.00
Side $8.00
Seared bok choy tofu shiitake warm salad Plate $11
(no side)
Asian style coleslaw Plate $6.00
Side $4.00


Miso vegetable spinach Bowl $8.00
Cup $4.00
Slow roasted spicy pork Bowl $8.00
Cup $4.00
Shiitake portobello onion soup Bowl $8.00
Cup $4.00
Chicken udon Bowl $9.00
(no cup)
Shrimp udon Bowl $9.00
(no cup)


All entrees come with your choice of two sides
Songs red hot chicken $5.00
Orange honey glazed chicken $17.00
Grilled garlic chicken $17.00
Japanese style BBQ pork ribs $17.00
*Miso glazed grilled salmon $19.00
*Seared scallops with crab shrimp dynamite sauce $28.00
*Kalbai beef filet short ribs $28.00
*Yoshoku steak, filet $29.00
*Yoshoku steak, NY strip $26.00


Quinoa and Rice
Chicken Udon
Seasonal Vegetables
New York Steak
Cup of soup
White Rice
Grilled Asparagus $4.00
French fries
Fried Rice


Pear fruit tart $13.00
Tempura ice cream $12.00
Sakura in house ice cream
(ask about flavors)


All kids items are half portions
Grilled cheeseburger and fries $7.00
All beef hot dog and fries $7.00
Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice $9.00
Teriyaki chicken with fried rice $9.00